Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Employment equity 

We create equal employment opportunities for all our people, meeting and exceeding the Employment Equity Act standards with a specific focus on education and business skills development. 

All staff benefit equally from profits irrespective of position, age or gender.

Training & career planning

Staff at all levels have the opportunity to further their career by exploring and preparing for new opportunities within the group.

Induction and on-the-job training is provided to all employees backed up by ongoing assessment, feedback, training, career planning & self-improvement initiatives.

There are training and personal improvement centres at all regional offices.


Training facilities will not only be used for business training but also to support employees who wish to complete their secondary education.

Ntsele Global has a unique primary school bursary initiative, which is designed to show from an early age that hard-work and self-improvement are just as important as academic excellence.

To ensure full inclusion, Ntsele Global has partnered with a recognised leader in remedial literacy, Wordsworth Learning, to provide the tools and teacher support required to assist children with learning difficulties in reading, spelling and comprehension. Although child-focused, the programme is equally effective for adults and can easily be delivered by a literate child to their parents.

Procurement & supply chain development

We take every opportunity to do business with local, black-owned organisations, and we have the preferential procurement of goods & services from local black-owned and black-managed suppliers enshrined in our operational processes. 

In the event of there being no suitable businesses in specific areas we actively work with local entrepreneurs to establish new enterprises to service both our requirements and those of the market in general.

Sustainable socio-economic development 

There are many charitable CSR strategies to provide temporary relief from individual plights, but Ntsele Global’s strategy has a much longer-term approach.

We identify high-impact opportunities in disadvantaged rural communities and invest in one or more of our core industries that are best suited to the area. Nothing delivers a more significant, long-term benefit and stability to a community than the creation of local, regular and fairly remunerated jobs.

This is naturally to the benefit of those gaining employment but the benefit is extended directly to the community through a profit-share funded co-operative model.  

Ancillary development 

Once a sustainable source of employment which drives empowerment, upliftment and wealth generation has been established, we are able to assist in the building of the support infrastructure required to create secondary industries/employment, housing, utilities and public services.

Ntsele Global ensures that all up and coming communities created through our CSR commitment are given the ongoing support, guidance and infrastructure they deserve and need to maintain the growth and development impetus that will benefit our society, environment and economy.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment  

Operational policies & guidelines, implemented with robust governance and strategic oversight, position Ntsele Global at Level 1 in terms of BEE Contribution.

All the BBBEE requirements for direct employment, HR development and indirect empowerment underlie the founding principles of Ntsele Global.