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Ntsele Energy

Ntsele Energy is a diverse energy group that is investing in the capital intensive building of decentralised solar energy power sources with outputs from 300MW to 600MW, using the latest technologies and local production. This is achieved through strategic partnerships, with various multi-national partners in the energy sector and African governments that we have access to. Ntsele Energy is the owner of Ntsele Energy Zambia (NEZ), currently participating in the national Scaling Solar Programme and a propagator for the transition of all major mining entities in the North Western province to off-grid power supply, reducing pressure on the national grid. The technology used enjoys efficiency guarantees, secured by a major European Insurer.

Ntsele Solar

Ntsele Solar is a strategic partner to a concentrated PV solar panel technology manufacturer who has provided its technolgy on a white label basis and assists with training & rolling out of power to the grid.

Ntsele Solar is also an investor in a solar water heating solution company in South Africa, responsible for the roll out of an off-grid building solution, House Zero. It intends to increase its holding & merge this company into Ntsele and grow its market reach on the continent.

Ntsele Solar invested in a partnership with Sun Tank Solar, an industrial and residential water geyser manufacturer based in Pretoria.

Ntsele Fuel

Ntsele Fuel is a fossil fuel distributor in East London, Eastern Cape, and enjoys a varied customer base with clients in the rural Eastern Cape which includes farming operations (diesel/paraffin), major transport & manufacturing companies and various municipalities in the province

Ntsele Fuel has short term plans to build a bio diesel plant in Gopane in the North West Province, in line with the company’s greenhouse gas emissions philosophy and further entrenching our position as catalysts for green energy.