Ntsele Secure

Ntsele Secure is a hi-tech security company with highly trained former operatives with extensive experience in law enforcement, military and emergency services. 

Our services are focused in the following areas:

  • Asset Management (cash in transit, value goods and property)
  • VIP Protection Services for diplomats, business executives and high net-worth individuals
  • Land and aerial surveillance, advance team environmental risk assessment and vehicle escort
  • 24-hour guard, rapid response, tracking and chauffeur services

Our operatives use our advanced ISO body worn devices, also fixed to our clients’ properties and vehicles, whenever we are assigned to ensure the safety of a client and their loved ones.

Bi-guard secure luxury vehicles are provided by Mercedes (Eurocopter, S class sedans, G class SUV’s, C and E class sedans, Viano and Sprinter) are used to ensure safe passage and peace of mind.