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Ntsele Technologies

Ntsele technologies holds Ntsele Global's technology and manufacturing interests with a mandate to develop and manufacture as much of Ntsele Global's requirements for hardware and software as possible in South Africa to maximise job creation and generate not only shareholder and employee wealth but also cuttiing-edge Intellectual Property that is held in South Africa.

Ntsele Systems is the customer-facing operation within Ntsele Technologies with a mandate to undertake strategic partnerships to gain access to new technology and strategic acquisitions to disintermediate our supply chain.

South Africa is just the first step in Ntsele Technologies' pan-African adventure.

Ntsele Conserve

Ntsele Conserve take a new approach to anti-poaching by combining pre-emptive strategies based on Ntsele's ISO & RF  technology platforms with the ability to identify and trace those involved in poaching after the event and provide clear evidence linking perpetrators to specific poaching activities/kills.

The solutions also provide huge amounts of data of immeasurable value to academia and other conservation initiatives.

Ntsele Conserve will participate openly with all other players in the anti-poaching and conservation arena.

The solution also has a revenue generating aspect which will allow the solution to acheive self-sustainability over time.

Ntsele e-Commerce

Ntsele e-Commerce provides a device and bank agnostic payment processing service which offers multiple payment streams and payment interfaces to suit individual customer requirements. This single point of payment management, with multiple payment points, is supplemented by an integrated e-wallet platform and other value-added services.

Ntsele e-Commerce provides a card and electronic transaction processing service for businesses and learning institutions using a mix of mobile, internet and mobile POS devices integrated into a single management platform.

The mobile, virtual and bricks-and-mortar card payment needs of an organisation are addressed simply and seamlessly through multiple channels. Channels and users are managed centrally in the cloud, and  provide a wide range  transactional and settlement reconciliation related information.

The Ntsele e-Commerce solution plays right across the payments and value-added landscape, freeing providers from their traditionally polarised service silos  - Ntsele e-Commerce covers the full spectrum.


Ntsele Fabrik

In lne with Ntsele Global's strategy to manufacture all equipment required by the group to drive job creation and shareholder benefit, Ntsele fabrik is an electronics manufacturing plant capable of producing up to 4 000 000 units per annum.

In addition to electronics, Ntsele fabrik also manufactures specialised aerials, masts, towers and contaiiners and has plastic blowing, tool-making and automated, high-speed CNC cutting & milling facilities.

Ntsele Fabrik will also be producing goods for the rest of Africa and expects to be establishing local assembly and repair facitlities in each country Ntsele Global expands into.

Ntsele Innovations

Ntsele Innovations is split between South Africa and the UK to ensure that the widest range of creative skills can be accessed. Ntsele Innovations is tasked with taking ideas from concept to the pre-industrialistion stage and also with the ongoing optimisation of production costs through a combination of product evolution/cost-down and BoM reductions.

South Africa employees spend time at Ntsele Innovations UK to get involved with specific product development from the outset, thus enabling them to most efficiently industrialise the products for manufacturing and maintenance in South Africa.

Thousands of school children will benefit from Ntsele Innovations' Open Research facilities designed to identify and nurture tomorrow's innovators and world-shapers.

Ntsele Motorsport

The core technology blocks that form the foundation of Ntsele Technologies (ISO & RF) have a wide range of applications accross many industries. Motorsport has a specific requirement for HD-/4K-quality, concurrent live video streaming from 50+ race cars to track-side,  outside broadcast facilities ready for live transmission by TV broadcasters.

Ntsele Motorsport has a unique 360-degree on-car camera solution with advanced vehicle and pilot telemetry and we provide our own trackside, outside broadcasting facility to support producers and directors during live broadcasts.

The UK & Europe and the US are the target markets for this ground-breaking technology.

Ntsele Networks

The Ntsele RF network technology is owned, operated and managed by Ntsele Networks and the network infrastructure is provided as a service internally and externally.

Ntsele Networks' main Network Operations Centre (NOC) controls  the entire RF network,  with regional and international NOCs providing local control and links to the main NOC.

Ntsele Networks works in conjunction with Ntsele Services, which takes care of all network related activities in the field.

The hi-perfomance RF network will bring Gigabit connectivity to even the most remote villages and communities, removing one of the most common barriers to upliftment and empowerment - Communications!

Ntsele Services

Ntsele Services is responsible for all field activities for Ntsele Technologies' subsidiaries; from deployment, installations & commissioning to service, maintenance, repair & upgrades.

Ntsele Service expects to create in excess of 8 000 new jobs in South Africa by end-2018.

Ntsele Logistics and Ntsele Properties will provide the transport and depot facilities that Ntsele services requires to fulfil its role.

The planned South African RF network locations: 1 300 Police Stations, 2 400 Post Offices, 32 500 Schools, 5 000 3rd-party masts and 500 railway stations - need to be to be rolled-out and maintained.

Then there are the other 53 countries in Africa!

Ntsele Systems

Ntsele Systems is the public face of Ntsele Technologies, tasked with pulling together, integrating and supplying the various Ntsele and partner technologies as managed services.

Our hardware and software is not for sale but offered as complete solutions or sytems on an SaaS-, IaaS- or PaaS-basis.

A serviced-based approach, where there is little or no upfront capital investment required from the client, lowers the financial barrier to market entry for start ups and allows incumbent players to experiment with new technology and service offerings on a well-established infrastructure.

Ntsele Systems is the prime contractor for all work undertaken by Ntsele Technologies and is mandated to form the required partnerships and contracts with new technology owners and/or suppliers.

Ntsele Telecoms

Ntsele Global's strategy is to become a major telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa, with Ntsele Networks deploying tens of thousands of masts in South Africa and potentially over a million masts throughout Africa.

Leveraging this infrastructure puts Ntsele Telecoms in a unique position to be able to provide truly pan-African telecommunications services to even the most remote locations where people are equally entitled to  good quality voice calls and hi-speed data connectivity as those in urban and suburban areas.

Ntsele Telecoms provides all its services on an equal access basis and is positioned to be the infrastructure provider of choice, not competing  with with incumbent retail and commercial providers.

Ntsele Telecoms will enable Africa to become a single nation from a telecommunications perspective with no continental roaming charges.

Ntsele Entertainment

Partnering with ADB SA, a Swiss-based broadcast TV technology equipment supplier, Ntsele Entertainment can offer proven commercial TV solutions to the hospitality sector (over 200 000 rooms equipped in the US) as well as to the  healthcare, correctional services and corporate sectors as well as to gated communities & estates.

Hi-spec set-back-boxes, manufactured in South Africa, linked to the Ntsele Systems cloud-platform, deliver linear & time-shifted HD TV, Video-on-Demand and dynamic portal services.

Ntsele Entertainmant  provides licensed content from our cloud platform to enhance service providers' offerings and their customers' experience.